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Now you can own a lifelike replica of the 
Symbol of America
Our work is displayed in the finest homes and museums
around the country and across the world!
Morton Swinsky, a pioneering Wall Street bond trader and later a multiple Tony award-winning producer of plays and musicals including Chicago, Jersey Boys, and Billy Elliot, amongst others, was a voracious collector of sculpture and decorative arts has one of our Eagles in his collection.
The National Soaring Museum in New York, as well as museums in Paris and Athens, all have our eagles on permanent display.
The rock band 'The Eagles, Senators, governors and other dignitaries have obtained our replicas. They are found in the board rooms of several Fortune 500 companies, and many CEO's use our work as image-makers.
Our best testimonial is that 80% of
our orders come from referrals.
President Reagan declared 1982 as the ‘Year of  the Eagle’, in recognition of the 200th anniversary of its designation as the symbol of the United States of America.  In May of 1983, we presented a wingspread eagle to Vice-President Bush, President Reagan, and BLM Director Buford in Washington at the White House Executive Office.  They thought enough of it to submit it to the jurors of the Smithsonian Institute which resulted in the Eagle being placed on permanent display at the Smithsonian in Washington.  
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