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Majestic Eagle Creations Gallery Ready to Ship! How They're Made Contact
Now you can own a lifelike replica of the 
Symbol of America
Each Bald Eagle is made by hand making each a truly
one-of-a-kind piece of art to add to your wildlife art collection!
Feathers of 12 different species of domestic birds are used in the making of each eagle. To mimic the look and feel of the real thing, it is first necessary to get all the natural oils out so that the feathers will absorb the dyes. Once the feathers are dyed, the oil must then be restored to the feathers so that they will regain their natural appearance and not dry out.  Once the feathers are prepared, they are then sewn to a pattern which is then permanently attached to a hand made polyurethane form.  The artist pays attention to ensure each bird has the right number if primary, secondary, tertiary and tail feathers.  The feet and beaks are made out of a special compound that makes them look and feel genuine. Because of the nature of the processes, there is no way the birds can be mass produced, each bird created is an individual, making them one of one.

Because the birds are made from 90% recycled materials, they qualify for Leed credits and are a unique and green gift!
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